The Seven Best CoreXY 3D Printers Money Can Buy

The Seven Best CoreXY 3D Printers Money Can Buy

As 3D printing continues to evolve in various sectors, it has become a go-to over the traditional manufacturing techniques. 

Although it is unlikely to replace the traditional approach, 3D printing targets two things, reduction in time and material loss. It has certain flexibility as it does not really need a definite line of production or industrial expense.

But, what’s all the buzz about CoreXY printers in particular? 

Most 3D printers in the market are Cartesian printers, which work on basic linear XY motor movement. But, CoreXY printers work on a fancy rotated coordinate system.

So, basically, there are not X and Y motors, but only one which does the job perfectly well, if not better. Also, quite a few significant firmware support CoreXY printing.

Although slightly high on budget, CoreXY printers are worth it. To make it a little easier for you, I have narrowed down a list of SEVEN best CoreXY 3D printer options you can consider. I also state who it’s suitable for, and why.

Seven Best CoreXY 3D Printers 

#1 Two Trees Sapphire Pro (Best Budget Pick)

The Sapphire Pro from Two Trees stands out from other low-priced 3D printers in many ways.

But the most crucial difference is the use of linear rails for the axes in favor of rollers, which makes the axes a lot more rigid and sturdy. The rigidity, in turn, makes for faster printing at a higher quality!

While Two Trees advertises silent printing, if you are looking for a dead-silent printer, this may not be right. The Sapphire Pro uses older allegro A4988 drivers, which makes the extruder quite noisy. Also, the fans are quite loud, even at minimal load.

However, the TMC drivers make for quiet operation overall – it’s much quieter than the CR-10 3D printer, so I can’t complain.

The print quality is impressive for something that costs so less, and you don’t have to worry about ghosting. However, the Sapphire Pro has Z-banding issues, and you will see a slight wobble even on flat surfaces.

But the issue won’t reduce your print’s quality by a whole lot. You will only see artifacts on the print if you give it a close look.

If you’re on a low budget and need a capable machine, you cannot go wrong with the Two Trees Sapphire Pro.


  • High printing speed at 300 mm/s
  • Excellent build quality
  • 1-year warranty, lifetime tech support
  • Large Facebook community of modders 
  • Low pricing
  • Besides PLA, 1.75mm ABS, PETG, and wood filament also supported
  • 3.5″ color touchscreen makes operation easy


  • Challenging to understand instruction manual
  • Build area is 220*220*220mm, lesser than the advertised 220*220*235mm

#2 HyperCube (Best for Beginners)

HyperCube Evolution by Scott_3D is an advancement in the Hypercube 3D printer. The significant improvement in the HyperCube Evolution printer is its rigidness that is available in its frame. 

Another feature that I like about this printer is it has replaced the 2020 extrusion with a 3030 extrusion 1000 mm, to minimize the vibration while working with this printer. 

It has a 3-axis belt with an X-axis belt measuring 8 mm, a Y-axis belt measuring 10 mm, while a Z-axis belt measuring 12 mm, provides perfect leveling to this printer. 

I like the fact that it is a compact and lightweight machine, which proves its portability. It becomes effortless to use this printer as it comes with a complete instruction manual included in the package. 

The company also provides a 1-year full warranty service for this printer and its mechanical parts.


  • This printer provides a very high printing speed with the help of 2 different motors, which reduces the overall load 
  • All the axes of this printer provide a perfect leveling, offering a smooth printing experience
  • The frame of this printer is made up of premium aluminum to provide rigidness
  • Contains a touch screen LCD for manual feeding of your specifications and which also gives a preview of the design


  • With the increased number of axis belts in this printer, the overall maintenance has increased
  • When the belt stretches, the overall machine size increases thus, doubting its scalability

#3 E3D ToolChanger (Best for 3D printing Veterans)

I feel the E3D ToolChanger 3D printer is quite a valued choice if you are looking for a pre-assembled machine. All the axis belts of this printer are pre-assembled in its packaging. 

The thing that I love about this printer is its printing speed. This printer comes with a Moon motor and Genius Gate 2GT belts to provide a faster and smooth printing experience. 

The precise and accurate motion that this printer provides is mainly because it is inspired by Fabtotum CoreXY motion. This printer is very lightweight and reliable too.

I also like the multiple tool heads that come in the packaging with this printer. It is straightforward to change the tool head by simply unbolting or bolting it directly into the E3D tool plate. 


  • It provides a variable temperature heat bed for 110V to 240V with a maximum operating temperature of 200 degrees Celsius
  • Supports a vast build volume having dimensions 200 x 300 x 300 mm.
  • 104-GT2 thermoresistors ensure the safety of its users
  • Supports online and offline mode which includes Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection


  • Doesn’t work on the power supply of 400V

#4 Creativity 3D Elf Large CoreXY 3D Printer Kit (Best Value)

Creative3D ELF large is a super silent CoreXY 3D printer kit. It not only provides fast printing but precision as well. The excellent printing speed and accuracy are mainly due to the reduction of error in the Z-axis swing due to the presence of stable CoreXY instructions.

To me, it is a lightweight 3D printer, and you can use it for commercial as well as personal purposes. It has a Titan extruder and glass pane.

In my opinion, the principal feature of this printer is the rapid heating of its hotbed. The temperature of hotbed reaches 110 degrees Celsius within 5 minutes. 

Along with the quick heat up, this printer provides the resume printer option. Under resume printing, the printer can restart its work from the point at which it stopped working. 

It is a semi-assembled printer which only requires 16 minutes for its set-up. The instruction manual mentions every step accurately. Also, the customer care service is available round the clock for your assistance.


  • Supports vast temperature range up to 260 degrees Celsius
  • Provides a print size of 300 x 300 x 330 mm
  • Saves power and time with its resume printing option
  • It has an embedded LCD screen, which supports multiple languages and is very easy to use


  • Quality not adequate as per the pricing

#5 Creality Ender 5 Plus (Largest printing volume)

Creativity Ender 5 plus 3D printer has various additional features that differentiate it from other printers. Some of these features include the ease of DIYs with this printer or the stable output.

I feel, if you are looking for a printer for professional usage, then you should go for a printer that gives a bulk printing volume. Creality Ender 5 Pro is one of the printers which provides volume printing functionality.

You will love the rigid frame construction with the upgraded heavy metal, which provides durability and reduced vibration of the printer. It has adjustable bolts to adjust the overall pressure to be applied while printing as well.

I am quite impressed with the Premium PTFE Bowden tube, which is embedded in this printer as it provides heat resistance, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance for safety purposes.


  • It supports a wide variety of mobile applications like Cura, Simplify 3D, etc.
  • This printer can print files having the following extensions: STF, OBJ, AMF, G-Code, etc.
  • It provides a variable temperature range starting from 135 degrees to 260 degrees Celsius.
  • It gives a fast printing speed of 180 mm/s in specific cases
  • It supports the layer of thickness 0.1-0.4 mm
  • The printer provides a print accuracy of 0.1 mm
  • Hard materials like PLA, ABS, Wood, or metal can be used while printing with this printer


  • Slow average printing speed only 40-80 mm/s

#6 Tronxy x5sa Pro

Tronxy x5sa pro is an extremely durable DIY 3D printer. This printer’s durability is because of the titan extruder, which provides overall stability to this printer.

I must say it is a large machine which can be easily used for commercial purposes. The automatic leveling avoids unnecessary trouble in printing too. The printer delivers smooth, accurate, and beautiful DIY designs with the help of its 2-axis guide-rail that keeps the nozzle stable. 

The feature that I liked is the mute motherboard. Also, the installed blower in this printer takes care of the printer’s temperature by providing appropriate ventilation.

Another significant feature of this printer is the filament run-out detection. It automatically starts producing a beeping noise as soon as the filament runs out. 


  • Provides a 3.5 inches LCD with variable icons on it, to design your print conveniently
  • Supports a print dimension of 300 x 330 x 400 with its dimensions being 580 x 645 x 660 mm
  • It can print the filaments like PLA, ABS, PETG, etc
  • The heatbed of this printer is of aluminum and is removable


  • Assemble of this printer is pretty difficult
  • Overpriced in regards to its plastic built body

#7 Vivedino Troodon (Large-sized printer)

Vivedino Troodon 3D printer comes with dual extruder mode. A single extruder is used to design the basic tendrils easily while the independent dual extruder mode, provides high-speed color printing with high precision.

Another great feature of this printer is the duplicate mode. The duplicate mode produces two similar objects simultaneously. This printer’s symmetric mode is quite helpful when you try to form pairs of something, like a pair of gloves or shoes.

I really like the filament run-out sensor of this printer too. It beeps when the filament gets over in the printer. With a BL touch sensor, this machine has the in-built auto-leveling functionality as well.

For fastidious users like me, this machine has an extruder wiper that keeps the nozzles of this printer clean all the time. The 4040 aluminum extruder provides high-speed printing.


  • It provides very high-temperature printing, with temperature going up to 350 degrees Celsius
  • It supports an enormous print size of dimensions 400 x 400 x 500 nm.
  • Precise the thickness layer up to 0.05 to 0.3 mm
  • It provides a variable print speed from 1 mm/s to 180 mm/s as per preferences
  • It has 3.5 inches LCD as well, which provides various icons
  • Supports various software like Cura, Simplify 3D, Repitier-Host, etc
  • It gets connected with Wi-Fi, SD card, and USB cable


  • The hotbed pane heat with an extreme temperature of 150 degrees Celsius 
  • Non-removable bedplate

Value Editorial: What to Look for in Corexy Printers?

Considering buying a 3D printer may require pretty much criteria based on proper research. Like, preferences, cases, uses, etc. 

As you look through the options you’ll see, the price of printers keep increasing or is different with every technology. Like a 3D filament, the printer is much easier on the pocket when compared to DLP or resin printers. 


Similarly, CoreXY is unique for so many reasons. CoreXY printers deliver unbelievable accuracy and professional output, which remains one of the top favorites for most users.


Most CoreXY printers work with PLA filaments, but they do use ABS as well. If you intend to have versatility in your print, CoreXY printers help with that.


As a rule, the larger print volume you want directly affects the price. Most budget printers are smaller in size and deliver only small prints. 

But, there are several great CoreXY 3D printers under $1000, which, given the features and built volume, are great for professionals.


The primary mechanism for Core XY 3D printers is that the load is equilibrated using two pulleys, which always keeps the carriage perpendicular, no matter what. The longer belts and lighter construction is what makes Core XY 3D printers stand out. 

Upon reviewing a series of Core XY 3D printers, my favorite is the Creality Ender 5 Plus. It is one of the most popular in the Ender series, which is just massive in size, more stable, and noise-free.